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Chianti - passion and tradition


Hotel in Tuscany

Borgo Casa al Vento is the result of careful restoration by the Gioffreda family who in the early ‘90s restored this architectural jewel to its former glory.  Hidden behind the village of Gaiole in Chianti, not only famous for its wine and quality of life but for the famous bike race, Eroica, which takes place every year.  The hamlet is reached by a beautiful white road starting at the village of Barbischio, bringing you to the heart of authentic Tuscan countryside. The quaint houses of the hamlet are built from traditional stone, respecting the architectural tradition of the territory and features include exposed wooden beams, stone fireplaces and terracotta floors.

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An intoxicating mix of silence and scent. Wine at Casa al Vento is all about passion, love and tradition. Our wine bath is an intimate sensory experience regenerates both skin and spirit.

Love and wine

Let be wrapped by the flavour of our Sangiovese


 Framed by vineyards and surrounding countryside, Borgo Casa al Vento is the perfect setting for weddings and celebrations.

Grigliata del Borgo

Every Saturday at 8.00pm

Our Wines

The wine at Casa al Vento is about passion, love and tradition. Our respect for the earth and its fruit led us to make an organic choice. Quality wine should be savoured. Buy on line: http://www.casaalventowinery.com/