Wine at Casa al Vento is all about passion, love and tradition. We are dedicated to purely organic production due to our respect for the earth and its fruit. Quality wine should be savoured.

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ARIA or aRia??
The first reference is to the natural element: the air of our hills. On the back label you can read the same word written with capital R. In this way you get ‘aRia’, dedicated to Ria, Francesco’s mother, who passed away when the first bottles of Chianti Classico were produced.


‘Foho’ means fire in Tuscan dialect. This is how our hills were described in the past, hot and structured just «like fire…». For this wine we select our grapes from a single vineyard, precisely named Foho.

Vin Santo

Sweet wine, for dessert but perfect also alone, meditation wine. Produced from old vineyards with Malvasia and Trebbiano. Long aging in small ‘caratelli’ wood barrels. Bottle size 0,375 L


It is our young red, but neither basic or ordinary. The name ‘T’amo’, besides being perfect for a romantic dinner, an anniversary or a wedding, it was chosen because it is the only wine from our production in which Sangiovese and Merlot meet.


Our best selection of Merlot in this Supertuscan produced only in the best vintages. The name FATA combines the initials letters of the 4 natural elements:

Il Fuoco- Fire, l’Aria – Air, la Terra – the soil, earth, Acqua - Water


Ros’aria, the Rosè of our Chianti Classico Aria: after short maceration with the grape skins we separete a part of the juice in other inox to continue the vinification without skins.


Allìaria is the name of a wild plant with different uses in the kitchen of all its parts and from which white flowers bloom.

The Chardonnay, Vementino and Trebbiano Toscano grapes come from the Valdarno area

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